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Taste the Waste! Creating a platform to recover food waste in Nairobi

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Disco  Disco Soup – Disco Supu Nairobi

Nairobi, 27th November 2014 – The first Disco Soup Nairobi will take place on Sunday, 7th of December. Hundreds of kilograms of food that would otherwise have been wasted will be rescued, cooked and shared between hundreds of participants. DJs and musicians will provide the soundtrack for the preparation of “Disco Soup” and Disco Salad.


Disco Soup is a global grass root movement to educate people about the food waste problem. The organizers of Disco Soup Nairobi are aiming to offer a space for stakeholders from various fields to start developing solutions to systematically salvage thousands of tons of ‘wasted’ food every year. Representatives from NGOs, UN, private sector, as well as potential beneficiaries of this ‘lost food’ (such as organisations supporting educational institutions, children’s homes, or healthcare centres) will be among the participants.

>> Photos from the event by Stefano Bianco.

The volunteers will cook with oversized avocados, curved beans, or baby corn that won’t fit into a punnet, and carrots that are not of uniform texture – all factors that fail to satisfy the cosmetic standards of supermarket chains abroad.  For every ton of fruit and vegetable grown in Kenya and exported to destinations in Europe, Middle East, South Africa and South East Asia about 35% of food waste occurs. While this food is perfectly fit for human consumption it somehow fails to make its way to a consumer’s plate.

Up to 40% of the fruit and vegetable grown in Kenya are rejected by European supermarkets due to the cosmetic standards.“Disco Soup Nairobi is a fun way to deal with a serious food waste problem! Especially in a country like Kenya where a recent study revealed that in every third family people regularly have to go to sleep hungry because they can’t afford meals, this situation is a scandal” expresses Marah Koeberle, one of the organizers of the event.

Arnold Echan Wanda, who is working with Young Volunteers of the Environment Kenya adds “In our NGO we put a lot of focus on producing food and waste management. I hope Disco Soup Nairobi will involve and sensitize more people in Kenya on what’s going on.”

Sajani Mrinalini Dutta, another organizer, who also works with East African Growers Ltd. (one of the leading grower-exporters in the international horticultural industry) will be gathering fruits and vegetables from various small holding farms, large export pack houses, manufacturing plants and even restaurants. She guarantees, that “all of these so called “rejects” are perfectly safe, edible, free from bacteria, insects and worms, but grown too round, too small, a bit freckled, or might have wobbly bits and knobbly heads. Therefore they fail to meet the commercial export standards of packaging and exporting”.

Tristram Stuart, author of Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal (Penguin, 2009) and spearhead of the global anti food waste movement from London, will cook together with the participants and share his experiences in the war against global food waste. Disco Soup Nairobi will be the first event of its kind in Sub-Sahara Africa. Recent events took place in New York, London and Barcelona.

Disco Soup Nairobi is a grass root event organized by volunteers and supported by East African Growers, Volunteers for the Environment Kenya, Slow Food Youth Network Kenya, Aqueous Catering Services and Feedback Global.

Articolo pubblicato il 27 novembre 2014 su www.thinkeatsave.org


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